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How to foil burglars

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

Engraving or marking your property leaves no doubt as to its ownership.

Not only does it deter others from taking your property because of the difficulties involved in “offloading” identifiable property, it also helps police to recover and return items which may have been stolen.

Neighbourhood Watch suggest you should keep an inventory of all your property. Record serial numbers, makes and models, and when your inventory is complete, keep the list in a safe place.

Items most often stolen which should be included in a personal inventory include:

Televisions; Video and DVD equipment; Binoculars; Radios and stereos; Microwaves; Cameras; Kitchen appliances; Clothing; Furniture; Sporting goods; Musical equipment; Computer equipment; Firearms; Clocks; Power tools; Lawn mowers; Trailers; Chainsaws; Garden tools; Bicycles; Welders; Rotary hoes and slashers; Tool boxes.

In the car:
Radios and CD players; Two-way radios; Speakers; Mag wheels; Tools and tool boxes; Batteries

Free engravers are available for loan from your local police station or Neighbourhood Watch area co-ordinator. Always seek operating advice before using the engraver, as some items are not suitable for marking by electric engraver.

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