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How to feature your home for a movie or magazine shoot

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar, Wise Guy

Featuring your home on a television show, in a movie, or in a house and home-wares magazine can be exciting and also make a little bit of cash for you.

There are, of course, certain issues to take into account, not simply to increase the opportunity of making your home a star, but to protect it (and you) in the process.

Step 1: Submit your home as a potential location with film studios, production companies and advertising firms, which maintain lists of properties available for shooting purposes. You can also submit your details to Marquette Turner Estate Agents: we maintain The REgistry, a “production feature” list, as we are frequently asked for suitable properties by many production companies.

Step 2: Find out the rate. This was obviously be dependant on the length of time that your home will be used, the scope of the project. Payment rates range from a few hundred dollars to in excess of a thousand dollars per diem. If the location is in a television series, they could come back year after year (if you invite them, of course).

Step 3: Expect your home to be taken over by people setting up shop in all parts of the house, including the bathrooms. Find out whether you should remove your furniture or make any changes before they come in or whether the production crews will. Ask if they plan to make any temporary changes and what they’ll be.

Step 4: Ask for a written policy outlining what the company does in case anything is damaged. The contract should include a provision to “return the house back to its original state,” which may involve repainting or carpet cleaning, and the time frame for doing so. Make sure your home and contents insurance is in order.

Step 5: Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, behind the scenes!

The REgistry application

Simon Turner

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