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GOOD CAUSE: One Million Women and Climate Change

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Features, Good Causes, Variety

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes:

What is 1 Million Women? A non profit organization consisting of daughters, mothers, sisters and grand mothers collectively working together to cut 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas pollutant which is triggering climate change.


Each member’s challenge is to cut 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from their daily lives, within a year of joining. The challenge is to have 1 million women, reducing their carbon emission by one tonne. As at today, there are 7,644 women trying to do this, me being one of those determined women.

1 million tonnes of carbon is a big figure and tough to visualize, given we can’t see it, but this is ways to think about it:

Enough gas to fill 2.1 billion wheelie bins with carbon dioxide

20 billion balloons

The pollution created by 250,000 cars in a year

The amount of Carbon Dioxide pollution given off by a giant coal-fired power station every 2 months

Where to start? One of the benefits of 1 Million Women is they have a guide showing what you can do in different areas of your daily life. There are progress charts to follow how you are going plus the benefits of online forums and events to help pick up tips to learn more.

There are five areas that I can look at immediately to head towards my goal:

FOOD: Cut out 1one red meaty meal a week for at least a month.

HOUSEHOLD: Ditch the second fridge to cut back on electricity consumption

FLIGHTS: Use tele or video-conference to cut at least one short-haul return flight.

SHOPPING: Recycle at home or away to avoid wasting resources

GETTING AROUND: Cut 5km or more a week of car travel by using online services

To become a member of this fabulous cause go to http://www.1millionwomen.com.au

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