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Do women make better managers than men?

by Marquette Turner

in Money & Business

The new gender gap puts women in front of men, at least in school. So says Gary Becker, the Nobel Prize Winning economist:

Whatever the explanation for the remarkable shift in college attendance rates of men and women during the past 40 years, this shift is likely to have major implications for future changes in the gender gap in average earnings, the fraction of heads of business that are women, and other measures of gender differences in achievement.

Here are four other reasons why the glass ceiling is breaking:

Women adapt better to new situations. Do you want to hire somebody who can hit the ground running or not?

Women make better managers. For instance, women are more likely to delegate and more likely to reward people. And they’re getting better at doing what men traditionally have done well.

Women make better leaders. For instance, women are better able to lead businesses towards transformation.

Women invest more wisely. Several looks at stock investing says you’re better off with women investing the money.

Why keep us men around at all? We have complementary skills.

Simon Turner

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