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Outdoor Living

Property Tips: How to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Selling your home can be a daunting experience, especially if you are at a loss where to start. Adding curb appeal to your property can go a long way to crossing the first hurdle. After all, first impressions count. Here are some top tips on getting prospective buyers interested in your home. Leading People up […]

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16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Get into the spirit of the festive season and be inspired by these fabulous outdoor decorations and bring a magical touch to the front of your home. Festive decorations don’t have to be gaudy, tacky and tasteless! Our infographic highlights some wonderful ideas that will be the envy of your neighbourhood. Take the less is […]

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The Importance of Social Space in Architectural Design

Before planning any new build, developers – and by extension their architects – should take into account the great importance of social areas within any building. Space, in general, is the core of any architectural design. Ensuring that space is utilized in the most effective way will therefore be vital to ensure that a building […]

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How to Transform Your Backyard with a Custom Water Feature

Water features are increasingly overtaking ponds as outdoor living becomes increasingly desirable and people look for ways to transform a garden or backyard.  Water features are particularly popular as they are considerably low maintenance. For instance, the fish in pond’s – some impartiuclarly – require looking after; unsightly netting and posts can be required to protect the […]

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Things to Consider When Planning Your New Garden Pool Area

Things to Consider When Planning Your New Garden Pool Area A garden pool is a wonderful way to relax on a hot summers day, whilst also adding a soothing visual element to your landscape. Although there are many factors to consider, the pool of your dreams can be created if you plan carefully and consider […]

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Cheers to Water-Wise Mediterranean Gardens

To truly understand the design of luxury Italian landscape architecture, which has altered little over the millennia, many visionaries still refer to the books of the engineer and architect Vitruvius, never mind that they date from 1st century Rome.   Vitruvius intended his advice primarily for Emperor Augustus during the Pax Romana, when many battles […]

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Flowering Color Calendar Infographic on Marquette Turner

A Flowering Color Calendar (Infographic)

No matter how green your fingers, unless you’re a botanist it’s difficult to know when each type of flower should be planted in your garden. This flowering color calendar infographic will help remove the mystery, so that you’ll know only know which month works for a specific flower, but also what needs most sun, and […]

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How to Choose a Garage Door to Add Class to Your Home

Any regular or sometimes HGTV viewer knows the importance of the often discussed “curb appeal.” Curb appeal is the gut feeling visitors (and potential buyers, if you are in the market) experience when they first see your home from the street. Will they be wowed, charmed or turned off? Curb appeal is not just a […]

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Top 7 Inspired Home Conservatory Design Ideas

Conservatories are one of the best additions to the home as it gives a stylish and modern look to your dwellings. It is one of the best options to upgrade your house giving it a trendy look. Choosing the most innovative design for the conservatories in order to modernize the look of your home is […]

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Bring the Playground to your Backyard

If you’ve always wanted to create a play space for your children at home, then put it on your resolutions list. You’ve probably not started this project because you imagine it to be massive, but the truth is that it won’t take a lot to create a space that the little ones will adore. Basic […]

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