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Borderline: Madonna Knows What She’s Doing This Time

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views, Real Estate Radar, Rich & Famous

When is enough really enough? Is fame really enough to say that open season is declared? How much is truly enough? The fun of being a celebrity is knowing when to act, when to cease and when to move to a different place. At times this would not be fun and the intrusion that is the press would border on too much. Many of us feel that the money super-celebrities earn is compensation enough for their constant life intrusion however many others would argue that the intrusion is justified by the enormous sums of money received by Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, Nicole Kidman or Tom Cruise.

When I was recently in the UK I was stunned by the headlines which exposed Madonna’s divorce and sensationalized her life to the point where she was portrayed as a non-sexual woman, obsessed by her look, willing to splash around hundreds of pounds in her daily onslaught to look better and better and chase the effects of the best moisturiser known to man – is this her search for the ultimate – her search for the fountain of youth?

I think not. I think the sensational headings about Madge and the outrageous antics are both private and crass and over the top for someone who has provided so much joy and entertainment for millions of people around the world. Madonna is a wonderful entertainer, in fact she is one of the finest entertainers in the world, one of the finest ever to have lived.

When is too much press intrusion and scandal too much? So long as people buy newspapers and other media which give rise to scandal there will be those willing and able to offer it. I strongly suggest ignoring such rubbish and enjoy the wonderful escapist-feeling that celebrities like Madonna are able to make us feel. Marquette Turner Luxury Homes will one day look after Madonna’s real estate interests. Michael Marquette
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