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Michael Marquette

Michael Marquette, Co-Founder of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Born and raised in Newcastle, I attended The University of Newcastle and completed two years of the Bachelor of Medicine degree.

After two successful years of study I decided to start my own business selling hydroponic equipment which was to change my future direction forever. What was intended to be a short break from University quickly became an incredibly fast growing business career and within two years I owned the second largest hydroponic retail chain in Australasia.

After selling the business I spent almost 12 months traveling the world, spending time in Asia, Europe and North America. I was incredibly fortunate to meet a real estate broker in New York City and from that point on my future was decided. Once I returned to Australia I commenced selling property and I soon became Managing Director of a large real estate brokerage in Sydney.

Simon Turner and I worked on the concept around the formation of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes for thousands of hours in 2006 and we have been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most amazing clients and fellow professional’s throughout the world.

Awarded the “The World’s Most Outstanding Rookie (Best Agency Under 2 Years Old) ” by The Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate in 2008 and “Luxury Real Estate’s Best Brand” in 2009 Michael has been featured in such first-class global publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The Australian Financial Review.

Michael Marquette


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