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3 Ways Your Office is Letting You Down

While you may think your office is good enough, it might in fact be letting you down in various ways. Let’s have a look at three reasons why your workspace could be leaving your employees and clients disappointed. It doesn’t reflect your company image Maintaining a positive image is vital for your company’s reputation and […]

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Power Efficient Home Offices Can Save Money And Polar Bears

Does your father still use that fancy fishing rod you got him last spring? Did your significant other like the new watch, and that witty custom engraving? Do you enjoy working on your new 4K monitor, sharp enough to slice through a medium rare steak? These might be the perks and gifts you could have […]

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UK real estate resources

Investing in UK Office Space

If you are interested in property investment, do not overlook the potential of the UK commercial sector. There are opportunities to invest in office space and other kinds of commercial buildings across the world and the profits to be made are good. In many parts of the world, the recession is ending and as a […]

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Open a Marquette Turner Luxury Homes Office

If you are a Licensed Agent or Business Owner, have you thought about launching a Marquette Turner Luxury Homes office in your area? There are opportunities Worldwide and we’d love to talk with you about the exciting opportunities available. Simply fill in the form below to express an interest and we’ll get back to you.

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Crash Course in Mastering Office Politics: Step 1

Like it or not, every workplace is a political environment. But operating effectively within it doesn’t have to mean sucking up, lying, or slinging dirt. In its purest form, office politics is simply about getting from here to there: securing a promotion, seeing an idea come to fruition, or gaining support to make an organizational […]

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Consumer Watch: How Fair is the Office of Fair Trading?

I have had an extremely interesting last couple of weeks in dealing with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. It has resulted in me wondering if it truly is all that fair? I have had cause to email members of the Specialist Support Unit almost daily and getting a response has been like pulling teeth. […]

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Make Moving and Storage Part of your Business Plan

A startup business has a lot on its mind. It has high legal and financing hurdles to jump, personnel matters to settle, customers to sign up, and business doors to open. Moving and storage concerns may seem low on their list of priorities. But, a smart business owner will have a moving and storage plan […]

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A different approach to a vacant room in your home

Unused space can be exactly what we need to add the final touch to our homes. Only because a room is called a dining room or a breakfast area doesn’t mean that’s the only function it’s supposed to have. If you are able to convert a room in your home into a more functional space, […]

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How to reduce housework

Housework is not something busy people want to spend time on. After a whole day of work, the last thing you want to do is clean the kitchen or bathroom. The problem is these areas aren’t going to clean themselves. And, it’s far worse to enter a completely dirty home than spend about an hour […]

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Doing the basics before moving in

Excitement fills the air at the thought of moving into your new home and meeting new people form the neighbourhood. The downside comes when you need to unpack all your luggage sets and the various boxes stored in the livingroom from the move. Moving is not about loading goods into a van and off you […]

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