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5 properties you can buy worldwide for LESS than $250,000

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Ever wonder what kind of real estate can be found for the same price in different parts of the world? Check out five properties located around the world that cost less than $250k:


For 18,000 Euros, or about $28,500, one can purchase a traditional, single storey stone home in Bulgaria. This four room house needs a bit of updating and can be considered a handy man special


Is a house by the sea more your thing? In Turkey you can purchase a lovely seaside villa complete with swimming pool for roughly $95,700.00. Amenities include a balcony overlooking ocean views and cable television


For $221,000 one can purchase a stone barn on 5 acres in the Normandie region of France. This barn isn’t yet fit for inhabitation but if you have the resources, you can make it into a nice little property

Costa Rica

For less than $43,000 one can own a luxury apartment in Manila. This apartment is fully furnished and includes a balcony and cable TV


For $235,000 is this lovely home on 65 acres which can be converted into a bed & breakfast. This is also an established horse tour business and property comes with everything you need to take tourists on a horseback tour. Including the horses

Whilst this display may not exactly be comparing apples with apples, should you ever be feeling the financial pinch enough at home, or may even just have the urge for an international sojourn, such information may be useful.

Simon Turner

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